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FYI Roundup: Recent Health and Welfare Developments 2017 – Spring Edition

By and |Apr 24, 2017|FYI Roundup, Health, US|

FYI In-Depth: IRS Addresses Tax Treatment of Fixed-Indemnity Health Plans and Wellness Double Dip

FYI: Wellness Programs: Litigation Update

FYI: The Pensions Regulator Consults on its Monetary Penalties Policy and on the Definition of Professional Trustee

By and |Apr 13, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI: Further Detail on the Pensions Advice Allowance

By and |Apr 13, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI: NYC Bars Salary History Inquiries

FYI Alert: DOL Delays Fiduciary Rule Until June 9

FYI: IRS Confirms More Time for Extended Corporate Returns

FYI: San Francisco Employer Annual Reporting Form Due May 1

FYI Alert: PPF Consults On Third PPF Levy Triennium

FYI: New York Proposes Regulations for Paid Family Leave

FYI: Money Purchase Annual Allowance Reduces to £4,000

By and |Mar 29, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI Alert: “Blacklisting” Order Revoked and Final Rule Nullified

FYI: Protect Your Members From Scammers

FYI: FASB Issues Final Changes to Presentation of Benefit Cost and Disclosures in Financial Statements

FYI Roundup: Recent Research in HR and Employee Benefits 2017 – Winter Edition

FYI: IRS Releases 2017 Operational Compliance List

FYI Alert: DOL Won’t Enforce Fiduciary Rule’s April 10 Applicability Date

FYI: Puerto Rico Enacts Changes to Rules for Qualified Plans and Trusts

FYI: Revised Rates for the General Levy

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FYI Alert: How can defined benefit pension schemes be made more secure and sustainable?

By and |Mar 10, 2017|FYI, FYI Alert, UK, Wealth|

FYI: FASB Finalizes Changes to Master Trust Accounting Standards

FYI Alert: Spring Budget 2017

FYI Alert: Health Care Reform Bill Would Change Many ACA Provisions and Expand HSAs

FYI Alert: Congress Disapproves Blacklisting Rule

FYI: IRS Increases Flexibility for Substantiation of Hardship Distributions

FYI: Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment

By and |Mar 3, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI: 2017/18 Earnings Thresholds for Automatic Enrolment

By and |Mar 3, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI: New York Wage Payment Regulations Struck Down

FYI Alert: DOL Proposes to Delay Fiduciary Rule

FYI: CMS Proposes Enrollment Changes Aimed at Propping Up ACA Marketplaces, for Now

FYI: DC Poised to Limit Employer Use of Credit Information

FYI: District of Columbia Paid Family Leave Advances

FYI: Puerto Rico Treasury Updates Rules for Obtaining Retirement Plan Qualification Letters

FYI: Reminder – Prepare to Update SBCs

FYI: It’s That Time of Year – Creditable Coverage Disclosures to CMS Due by March 1

By and |Feb 10, 2017|FYI, Health, US|

FYI: DOL, PBGC and HHS Increase Penalties for Violations

FYI In-Depth: Older Workers and Retirees: Avoiding HSA Pitfalls

FYI Alert: SEC Reconsiders CEO Pay Ratio Rule Implementation

FYI Alert: Trump Orders DOL to Re-Examine Fiduciary Rule

FYI Roundup: Retirement Plans – 2017 Winter Recap

FYI: NY State Targets Pay Equity

FYI Roundup: Recent Health and Welfare Developments 2017 – Winter Edition

FYI: Window for Fixing Current 403(b) Document to Close in 2020

FYI: Philadelphia Bars Salary History Inquiries

FYI: Departments Issue FAQs on Special Enrollment, Women’s Preventive Care Services

FYI: Salary Sacrifice and Employee Benefit Packages

FYI: Target Date Fund with Annuity that Restricts Transfers May be Prudent Default Investment (but not QDIA)

FYI: Los Angeles Becomes Latest City to Ban the Box

FYI: DOL Sends Parting Fiduciary Rule FAQs to Service Providers and Consumers

FYI: DOL Hikes FLSA and Other Employer Penalties Again

FYI: Status Quo for Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Accommodation

FYI: IRS OKs Use of Forfeitures as QNEC/QMAC/Safe Harbor Contributions

FYI: Court Denies Motion to Block EEOC Wellness Program Regulations

FYI: Proposals to Tackle the Threat of Pension Scams

By and |Jan 17, 2017|FYI, UK, Wealth|

FYI: Court Blocks HHS from Enforcing Prohibition on Transgender Discrimination

By and |Jan 13, 2017|FYI, Health, US|

FYI: New Year, New Salary Thresholds for NY Overtime Exemptions and Minimum Wage Increases

FYI: DOL Clarifies Fiduciary Standards on Proxy Voting and Investment Policies

FYI: DOL Finalizes Disability Claims Procedure Rules

FYI: Proposed Mortality Table Updates Slated for 2018

FYI: Implications of Recent Market Conditions for Pension Plan Sponsors

FYI: DOL Green Lights Retirement Programs Run by Cities and Counties

FYI: Portland to Impose Surtax on High CEO Pay Ratios