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Our frequent, topical client alerts offer insightful analysis and current information about new and pending laws, regulations, and benefit trends in the United States.

FYI: DOL Sends Parting Fiduciary Rule FAQs to Service Providers and Consumers

FYI: DOL Hikes FLSA and Other Employer Penalties Again

FYI: Status Quo for Contraceptive Coverage Mandate Accommodation

FYI: IRS OKs Use of Forfeitures as QNEC/QMAC/Safe Harbor Contributions

FYI: Court Denies Motion to Block EEOC Wellness Program Regulations

FYI: Proposals to Tackle the Threat of Pension Scams

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FYI: Court Blocks HHS from Enforcing Prohibition on Transgender Discrimination

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FYI: New Year, New Salary Thresholds for NY Overtime Exemptions and Minimum Wage Increases

FYI: DOL Clarifies Fiduciary Standards on Proxy Voting and Investment Policies

FYI: DOL Finalizes Disability Claims Procedure Rules

FYI: Proposed Mortality Table Updates Slated for 2018

FYI: Implications of Recent Market Conditions for Pension Plan Sponsors

FYI: DOL Green Lights Retirement Programs Run by Cities and Counties

FYI: Portland to Impose Surtax on High CEO Pay Ratios